Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last night I had a horrible dream. Let me set the scene. Rob and I were hippies and we were living in Farimont park. I had really big curly hair (The hair part isn't bad. That would actually be pretty amazing).

It was a really long dream, but somewhere in the middle I gave birth to two more babies. Abel was still at the age he is now, so two more babies is craziness! One of them was 13 pounds and double the height of Abel. The other one looked like he was 10 years old! I was so bummed. In my dream I kept hoping and hoping that it would be just a dream, but I wasn't waking up.

But, don't worry. It was just a dream. No new babies in the Vis household. Just Abel, thank goodness. Boy am I glad that babies don't come out looking like 10 year olds!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Fragile Moment

The country of Uganda has been in a horrific war for 20 years. It hasn't been a normal war where it's two equal parties against each other. It has been one group supposedly fighting the government for the justice of their people. However, this one group, the LRA, are not led by normal people. Their leaders are tools of the devil in more obvious ways than I've ever seen. They are not fighting for the innocent. They attack the innocent. The main victims of this war are those who have nothing to do with it. The LRA has repeatedly invaded villages to torture, kill, and abduct children to fill their ranks. Children don't understand death as well as adults, so they can be more easily brainwashed to kill. The LRA is an army of brainwashed children, adults who have grown from the same beginning, and their leaders whose hearts have been taken over by evil.

For the last two years, the Ugandan government and the LRA have been participating in peace talks. At this moment they are in the final stages where they will sign the peace agreement. It is a fragile situation because these are not sane, good, or peace-loving people. Back in 1994 the two parties were hours away from signing the peace agreement, but mistrust and lack of international support caused them to fall through.

I believe God's people brought about the peace talks in 2006. God put it on the hearts of people who could get the word out, and his prayer warriors began doing what they do best. In the same way, prayer is the most powerful weapon we have in our participation in this war. We can come before the Almighty God and plead with him for our Ugandan brothers and sisters.

Now that you know about this war, you are a part of it. Put on your armor and join the front lines in prayer and advocacy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Practice makes perfect

So, I'm not a perfect mommy yet. Friday night my sisters were over with Dominic, my 2 year-old nephew. I thought I'd help out and put his shoes on. When they got to the car, my sisters started laughing. Whoops. Wrong feet. Well, Abel's not wearing shoes yet. You can't expect me to be a good shoe-putter-onner!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It runs in the family

Check out Baby Abel has his very own blog! He needs a space just for him so he can share his thoughts on life. It'll be a place for him to be real about the ups and downs of life, ya know?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Dance

This morning as I drove to Rob's parent's house, I was listening to "Savior King" by Hillsong United. Just as the music was beginning to reach its peak of excitement and power, I was passing the corner of Magnolia and Adams. I looked up at the group of palm trees to the left. About half of them are tall and skinny, and the rest are shorter and full. It looked to me as if they were dancing to the music in large and fast movements. It was quite a moment. I felt like I caught them when they didn't think anyone else was looking. I watched anyway, even if it was meant to be private.

It made me think of all the verses that speak of the creation waiting, groaning, and being held back in its praise until the sons of God are revealed and we can all worship together. The creation is supposed to be patient in expectation, but I caught it this morning. I caught those trees letting loose when they weren't supposed to. Oh well, I won't tell. I liked the show.