Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting closer

We're four weeks away from our due date. Up until yesterday, I was hoping for a overdue baby. I just felt like we have a lot of decisions to make and things to do before I would feel ready. Well, I'm happy to announce that yesterday I entered the realm of discomfort - the stage where the mom just wants to not be pregnant anymore.

I'm pretty excited to be in this stage because I know it's going to make me more ready to actually have our baby. God really thought of everything. I think if we were comfortable the whole pregnancy and if it were all just fun and special, we'd be much more reluctant to endure the labor. And, the fears of being a new mom would be overwhelming. But, my belly is growing and overtaking my body. Therefore, I'm much more ready to have this baby. Funny how that works.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fun with Friends

Matt and Brittany. One of the cutest couples around, that's for sure! We love you guys!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Call to Pray

Please join in crying out on behalf of the people of Uganda. Right now there is an outbreak of the Ebola virus. It is very deadly and terrible. It is spread as easily as skin to skin contact. A simple handshake could spread it from person to person. 90% of the people who catch the virus die, and death can occur as soon as two weeks.

Uganda has been the home of a horrible war for twenty years. Right now God is moving mightily throughout the overly crowded IDP camps. People are finding hope in Christ, being discipled, and being raised up as leaders to continue to spread the light. Uganda is a prime sending ground for these new believers to go into the 10-40 window and reach out to the countries right above Uganda. God is building a mighty army from the rubble of this broken nation.

But, now the people of Uganda are under attack. The church in Uganda has come together to pray and fast. As the complete bride of Christ, let's join with them in prayer and fasting.

Taken from an email update from Libby Collier, here are specific ways to pray:

1. PROTECTION- That Lord would be a "Wall of Fire " around Uganda
(Zech 2:5) and the Ugandans would be physically protected from this
deadly outbreak.

2. AGAINST FEAR---Pray 2 Timothy 1:7- that there would not be spirit
of fear, but of power, love and sound-mind. (Because of the last
outbreak there is much fear to mobilize. –the spirit of fear can

3. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE- -- Pray Hosea 4:6 as there is resistance to
adhering to the medical instructions to not touch or even be in close
contact with people as this furthers the rapid spreading of this

4. THE CHURCH- (locally and globally) would see it is the
responsibility of the collective, army of the Lord to pray for this
nation to be spared as in Acts 12: 5 When the CHURCH prayed for
Peter's release from Prison not just individuals, but the whole
CHURCH! And finally in 2 Samuel 24:25 as the Lord answered
prayer on behalf of the land, and the plague on Israel stopped.

5. THE FORCE OF PRAYER: as Uganda is a southern doorway or
"gate" to the 10/40 window and the powerful forces ISLAM rule
all of the countries in North Africa The Lordsaid, in Matt 11:12,
the kingdom of heaven has been force-fully advancing, and forceful
men lay hold of it! 'He will be our source of strength as we turn back
the battle at the gate! (Isaiah 28:6)

The church in Uganda is taking this next week to fast. Then every day at noon they will be specifically coming before the Lord against this virus. If you would like even more specifics, comment or email me. Also, here is a website with more info.

Let's pray!