Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I like old people?

I decided that for my first real blog, I should probably explain my strange title. In choosing a title, one would probably choose something that explains them. Well, I wouldn't say this tells you exactly who Leah is, but it does give you a glimpse. In thinking about what my passion is or what God may have created me to do, this is one area that I'm sure. I love old people. I love to be around them, learn from them, enjoy their company, and take care of them if they need it. I love the tenderness that I see in so many of their eyes that comes from years of experience--good and bad--as well as wisdom that has been cultivated and is seldom now used.

I feel alive when I'm with my friend, Mrs. Grams. She has Alzheimer's disease, so she forgets many things. But, she's hilarious at times, loves babies, has taught me several life lessons that I will never forget, and busts out randomly with Bible verses in German. One time I had hymns playing in the car and I caught her worshipping the Lord. So beautiful.

I wish we lived in a society that valued the elderly. I wish that the elderly were the cool ones that we aspired to be like. I have this theory that we should shift society's "role models" from the young and beautiful to the very old and wise. That would solve so much! We would not be so concerned with staying young and avoiding wrinkles. We would instead look forward to life ahead where we will only be more respected as the years pass. That would distract people from the present trend toward plastic surgery, perfection, materialism, sex, and so much more. People wouldn't be as vain or selfconsious when it comes to physical appearance. Instead they would strive toward wisdom, love, and maturity. Why can't we all just love old people? It would change the world!