Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Have and Have not

You are alive today for one reason, one purpose. And that is for the glory of His name.

You may have an awesome job today, but that's not why you were kept alive.
You may hang out with great friends, but you weren't given this day for that.
You may have a spouse and children, but that's still not your primary purpose.

You may hate your job as it brings you so much pain. Praise God because that's not what defines you.
You may feel so lonely and left out. Praise God because that's not what gives you worth.
You may long for a spouse and children and feel like it will never happen. Praise God because you can still fully glorify him.
And, that's why God sustained you through the night to open your eyes and breath this morning.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have good things. Enjoy your awesome job, friends and family. I'm thankful for those things. But, often as I enjoy them, I grow so accustomed to them. Then when they're taken away, I doubt my purpose and worth. It seems silly.

Or, if you feel like you've never had those good things, you are waiting for your turn. Maybe you're in despair and never expect that chance. Lift your head because you are here for the glory of his name and not to enjoy good things. For his glory, not yours. That's true for the most fortunate and the least fortunate. Often it is the ones with the least who are able to grasp their true worth while the ones with the most are blinded and may never see. If you feel unglorified, praise God because you can more freely give it all to him!


Blogger Cheryl Culin said...

I love this post. It's refreshing and life giving because it is so true. I smiled as I read. We were meant to find our joy in being and living for the glory of the one who made us. No wonder dissatisfaction sets in when we set our hearts and minds on what we don't have or think we should have. It's such a freeing realization to know we are complete people because God made us for himself-and He finds joy in us as we live lives surrendered to His purposes- not in search of our own. Your post reminded me of my favorite verse and what I strive to have be the theme of my life: Isaiah 43:10, " You are my witnesses declares the LORD, and my servants whom I have chosen, that you may KNOW and BELIEVE me, and understand that I am He." He created each one of us to KNOW Him intimately and to BELIEVE or trust in Him. Single, married, mom, nurse, teacher, coach- whatever the role or life circumstance- God is clear: "I want you to know and believe Me." If we wake with this goal in mind, how can we help but live for His glory, be His glory, and know we have purpose?
Great post. I wrote a lot, but I can't help it! I'm inspired! :)

12:10 PM  

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