Monday, July 30, 2007

Pregnancy metabolism

One word to describe me: Ravenous.

Who knew that when you get pregnant food doesn't work anymore? In normal life you get hungry and you find something to eat all for the purpose of not being hungry after you eat it. Well, my friends, my baby is one bottomless pit.

As I've been pregnant, I've been enjoying the challenge of eating healthier. I've been putting extra effort into fruits and veggies. Maybe that's why I'm never full. But, anyway it's interesting to be eating healthier for someone besides just myself.

I leave you with a fun pregnancy fact: If you're trying to get more iron into your diet, be careful what you eat your iron with. If you eat iron along with dairy, the dairy blocks your body from absorbing the iron. Now that's a challenge! How often do I have a hamburger without cheese!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Read this slowly.

Haiti - 80% of the population’s average income is $100 a year.

We have brothers and sisters in the Lord who live there. I hope that in heaven they will receive a double portion. I'm guessing that even here on earth, the Lord is so near them. In their consistent turmoil, I think they may know God more deeply than we ever will on earth.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Let me introduce you to...

God's been doing something inside of me lately. He's been busy at work, creating stuff, putting things together, forming, and loving. And, up there in his book, he's been planning out the days - planning out a timeline for his new little kingdom warrior.

Three months old but still confined to a belly for it's home. God must need lots and lots of calories to get his job done because I sure have been tired lately.

Rob and I are very excited. It's weird at the same time, but I comfort myself thinking that many people probably find it to be a weird step in life as well. God has shown us that he has something very special in mind for this time of pregnancy. So, we wait in anticipation to see how God is going to draw us closer to himself. He might draw us in through really hard times or really sweet times. We'll see. But, we think he has already begun, and we're ready for the ride.