Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uganda here we come!

By the way, the Vis family is going to Uganda in January. I'm pretty sure most of the people who read this blog know that by now, but I thought I should cover my bases. To stay up to date on our trip, go to

Honestly, I think this trip is going to be much different than normal short term trips. We are really trying to focus on how to build up the ministry that's already taking place and thriving there. Our first project starts now, and that's raising $20,000 extra dollars to purchase cows, pigs, chickens, a barn, supplies, and some crops. These items will help feed the Favor of God Ugandan staff as well as the orphans in the House of Hope Children’s Home. In addition, Favor of God can also sell meat, milk, and produce in the markets. This is another step toward becoming a self-sustaining ministry.

$20,000 is a ton of money, so if you know of any businesses or companies who would be interested in giving to this project, please send them our way or tell them about it yourself! But, hey every $5 adds to the final goal, so don't be bashful!

More about the trip later....but if you want to give to the trip or project you can donate online here. Make sure to type Rob and Leah Vis in the memo line.


Blogger Battle Maiden said...

I did not know ya'll were going! When in January? I suppose the website has all the info! Wow, how exciting! Heidi

10:24 PM  

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